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Hondenoppas Claudia uit Vlaardingen

Hallo, ik ben Claudia!

Hondenoppas Vlaardingen: Claudia

My name is Claudia, I am 20 years old and I live in Vlaardingen. I speak Dutch and English. I have a park in the neigborhoud and a dog playground.

At the moment I study Animal Care at Lentiz MBO 4 Maasland. I am learning about animals en I have personal experience with dogs. I did a 7 week internship in Spain at an animal shelter in Spain, an intership in Finland for 7 weeks and before that I did an internship at an Dog walk service so I have experience with taking care of other people's dogs too. Also I did an internship in Hungary and in Ibiza, both with dogs.

I love animals (cats and dogs especially) and they are part of my daily routine.

I wish I could have a dog myself but at the moment this is not possible because I am at school biggest part of the day so I won't have enough time to take care of him and give the attention he deserves. That is one of the reasons why I would like to take care of other people's animals! :) I am willing to do special requests like take longer walks, or shorter, or feed him or something like that.


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Samenvatting hondenoppas

Woonplaats Hondenoppas Vlaardingen (3137)
Provincie Zuid-Holland
Wijk Hondenoppas Vlaardingen Holy-Noord
Buurt Hondenoppas Vlaardingen Kruidenbuurt
Ervaring als hondenoppas 3 - 4 jaar
Heeft zelf honden Nee
Heeft zelf katten Ja
Heeft zelf kinderen Nee
Voorkeur oppaslocatie Geen voorkeur
Past op grote en kleine honden
Professionele hondenopvang Nee
Hondenuitlaatservice Nee
Leeftijd 21
Geslacht Vrouw

Prijzen per hond

Per dag € 15
Per dag en nacht € 20
Uitlaten per keer € 14
*Prijs is een indicatie. Neem contact op voor meer informatie.


Beantwoorde berichten 100%
Gemiddelde reactietijd 4 minuten
E-mailadres Geverifieerd
Lid sinds November 2018
Laatst bijgewerkt November 2018
Laatste keer ingelogd


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