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Hondenoppas Nieuwegein: Maaike


Ik ben Maaike Tiland. Ik ben 18 jaar oud. Ik heb zelf 2 mopshondjes. Ze heten Pug en Pip. Ik heb best veel ervaring met oppassen en uitlaten.
Als u een oppas zoekt kunt u me altijd een berichtje sturen.

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  • Beoordeling op 27-02-2019 door
    • Maaike watched our pets during our holiday in February and we couldn't be more upset. She was not upfront about everything with us, she lied about being at our place (she was supposed to come to feed the cats every day), when we arrived my cats looked like they haven't eaten in days!
      My pets are not the easiest but I informed her about everything ahead and she accepted our terms...
      The house was in a horrible state with cat and dog pee all over (the cat toilets were not cleaned), rotten meat in the garbage (because apparently it wasn't given to my cats) and the floor, my cat and dog ate plastic bags which they shouldn't even have access to. Catpee on the couch, also something that shouldn't have happened, as the cats were not allowed in the living room according to our instructions!
      After everything, she had the nerve to tell us that she did everything right and she didn't even come to discuss everything in person. Currently legal actions are pending against her, because we weren't able to resolve the situation between us (she didn't come in person and she blocked me on whatsapp).
      So please, please learn from our mistake and do not let her watch your pets. She should not be allowed to care for another living and breathing being.
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Samenvatting hondenoppas

Woonplaats Hondenoppas Nieuwegein (3438)
Provincie Utrecht
Wijk Hondenoppas Nieuwegein-Noord
Buurt Hondenoppas Nieuwegein Zuilenstein
Ervaring als hondenoppas > 10 jaar
Heeft zelf honden Ja
Heeft zelf katten Nee
Heeft zelf kinderen Nee
Voorkeur oppaslocatie Bij baasje van hond
Past op grote en kleine honden
Professionele hondenopvang Nee
Hondenuitlaatservice Nee
Leeftijd 19
Geslacht Vrouw
+ Telefoonnummer bekend.
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