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Hi, my name is Patricia and I come from Spain, my boyfriend Lars is Dutch. I am 35 years old and I have had dogs since I was 11, all of them German Shepherds, not the easiest breed if you are a first time owner, but fantastic when you know how to handle them!!!

We currently own two shepherd mixes, Kiva, and Shake, they are both adopted. Kiva wasnt the easiest dog ever, she came with lots of fears, she wasnt friendly with dogs, humans, kids...she made us work our ass off!!! But it is very rewarding to see the social dog she has become! Shake however, is the easiest dog ever! He is good with all humans and all dogs (just not the cats)

Monday to Thursday we work (office hours) therefore we do not take new dogs in on those days. We can do exceptions with dogs that we know and/or with dogs that are used to be at home alone for long periods. We have experience with shy dogs, nervous dogs, dog to dog reactivity, resource guarding, food agression, etc etc. If your dog is good with our dogs, we are ok if he/doesnt like other dogs in walks. One important thing is, because we both work, we are unable to take care of dogs that do have separation anxiety. Even if the anxiety is under control in your own home, a change of environment can make the dog be back to his/her old usual. We have a webcam on when we are away, and we do not like to see the animal suffering. If you need a sitter during the weekend though (from Thursday evening) that would not be an issue.

About our house, we live in a quiet neighbourhood (Maarssenbroek), big house with garden. We have a dog toilet 5 min away from home and an off leash big park just 10 min walking. Weekends we take the dogs for a short walk in the morning, at midday we organize a packwalk (Check FB group Utrecht Dog Walking Group), that is a couple of hours walk and play with a group of dogs, and in the evening we do another short walk. If your dog is more active than that, we can bike or give extra walks. We also have brain games at home and well, Kiva is pretty good at exhausting any dog :p :p :p

In our home we have a quite structured routine, walks, feeding, etc happens more or less at the same time. We have rules such us waiting politely for food, waiting politely to be leashed, etc. Our experience is that when our two dogs follow those routines, the guest dog ends up copying it :D . Routine also makes the guest dog adapt faster, he knows what to expect and when. At home we have benches for our dogs, and we have a spare one for guests dogs to relax if they like that. With us benches are safe places, as in, when a dog goes to his/her bench, the rest are not allowed to disturb.

Do you want to book us? No problem, but before agreeing, we would like to meet you and your dog. We prefer to meet you during our packwalk (even if you still do not have short term plans to travel). This way we can see how is your dog, and how does he/she interact with others.

If you have two (big) dogs, we can look into having both with us, but if we cannot, we made an agreement with another Pawshaker (and friend) that we trust: we can have one, and she can have the other one, and we will organize ourselves in a way that, at least during the weekend, and as much as possible during the week, we will walk all dogs together


  • Ervaring met medicijnen toedienen
  • Ervaring met probleemgedrag
  • Fietsen met de hond
  • Groepswandelingen
  • Grote speelweide
  • Lange wandelingen
  • Tuin
  • Wandelingen door het park
  • Wandelingen in het bos

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  • Border Collie
  • Dobermann
  • Duitse Herder
  • Mechelse Herder
  • Podenco Ibicenco

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