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Hallo, ik ben Maria!

Hondenoppas Den Haag: Maria

Hello, my name is Maria and I currently study at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. My homeland is Slovakia, where are used to have all my pets - dog Jack, cat Dexter and small kitty Bubo, horse Napoli and turtle Orši. As you can see, I have variety of animals. Although, each one of them is different I love them the most. As I decided to study abroad, I left my family and my pets which makes me really homesick. As I am now living on my own, have to study and care about "adult stuff" like cooking and shopping I have realized that I wouldnt have enough time for a new dog. This motivated me to become a dog sitter.

I really like this concept, as by taking care of animals I can help the dog owner and on the other hand I can still keep in touch with animals and have some nice time. I am an active person and therefore I would love to go out with the pets, either close to my house in Scheveningen where are nice parks nearby or somewhere around dog´s house. I would be also able to take care of pets for a longer period than just a walk by visiting pet´s house and feeding it, at the time pet parents are not at home.

I am just an animal lover and all experience I have is thanks to my pets. I have experience with contact with other animals, that I dont know as I used to go to an animal shelter to walk the dogs.

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Samenvatting hondenoppas

Woonplaats Hondenoppas Den Haag (2517)
Provincie Zuid-Holland
Wijk Hondenoppas Den Haag Duinoord
Buurt Hondenoppas Den Haag Sweelinckplein en omgeving
Ervaring als hondenoppas 1 - 2 jaar
Heeft zelf honden Nee
Heeft zelf katten Nee
Heeft zelf kinderen Nee
Voorkeur oppaslocatie Bij baasje van hond
Past op grote en kleine honden
Professionele hondenopvang Nee
Hondenuitlaatservice Nee
Leeftijd 20
Geslacht Vrouw

Prijzen per hond

Per dag € 10
Per dag en nacht € 15
Uitlaten per keer € 8
*Prijs is een indicatie. Neem contact op voor meer informatie.


Beantwoorde berichten 75%
Gemiddelde reactietijd 2 dagen
E-mailadres Geverifieerd
Lid sinds Februari 2019
Laatst bijgewerkt April 2019
Laatste keer ingelogd


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Contact met Maria

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