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Hondenoppas Ivram uit De Bilt

Hallo, ik ben Ivram!

Hondenoppas De Bilt: Ivram


my name is Ivram, I have been in the Netherlands since 2016, I am a clinical pharmacist studying to qualify my degree here in the Netherlands, recently I moved to De Bilt with my girlfriend and both of us have free time and we would like to spend it on something we like (one of us will always available in the weekdays)
I used to have pets all my entire life ( dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fishes ) since I was a child I am obsessed with animals and their behaviour and love taking care of them and provide them with their needs so I think my connection with the animal kingdom developed spiritually since we have limited talk verbally, also I volunteered to work in an animal shelter for two months (Dierenbescherming Regio Limburg) when I was living in the south, unfortunately I do not have any pets in this time being and I will be more than happy to make friends with other new animals, I am posting photos for my last pets Copper the dog ( he is very special for me from all the pets I lived with ) and Catherine the cat she is so sweet and a little bit mentally retarded, I and Copper and Catherine were the best company ever :)

feel free to contact me and I promise that I will take care from your pets like mine and I can handle all races, sizes and ages.
I and my girlfriend regularly hiking at the weekends on the morning around Utrecht wherever nice nature is, even if it is far from De Bilt ( its no problem for us ) so we will be happy to accompany one dog or more till the sunset!



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Samenvatting hondenoppas

Woonplaats Hondenoppas De Bilt (3731)
Provincie Utrecht
Ervaring als hondenoppas > 10 jaar
Heeft zelf honden Nee
Heeft zelf katten Nee
Heeft zelf kinderen Nee
Voorkeur oppaslocatie Bij baasje van hond
Past op grote en kleine honden
Professionele hondenopvang Nee
Hondenuitlaatservice Nee
Leeftijd 35
Geslacht Man

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Per dag en nacht € 20
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Beantwoorde berichten 67%
Gemiddelde reactietijd 2 uur
E-mailadres Geverifieerd
Lid sinds November 2018
Laatst bijgewerkt Maart 2019
Laatste keer ingelogd


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