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Hondenoppas Amsterdam: Niels

Hi! My name is Niels currently 24 years old. I live in a spacious apartment, 5 minutes away from the Noord Metro Station in the Buikslootemeerplein neighborhood. I have always been a dog lover, I although with my current housing situation I couldn't afford to have my own since I live with two other housemates. My housemates are fine with dogs in the house but not as a long-term pet, hence I think it's a good idea to be a sitter. Currently, I have no pets at home but I grew up living side-by-side with a German Shepperd (name: Yasco) and a Black Labrador (name: Blacky) when I lived and grew up in Indonesia. Until the time comes, it seems nice to occasionally take care of someone else's dog and play around in the forest nearby.

At the moment, I am currently finishing off my study, so I have plenty of time to walk the dog and bring them with me while I write my thesis (or stay with me at home/yours). I got a driving license and a small car if needed, plus my bike has a big carriage in-front. On my leisurely days, I go fishing sometimes on the nearby canal in the area, jog at the forest or have a chill day at home. It would be wonderful to have a dog accompanying me once in a while.

Nonetheless, it's also important to get familiar with the dog owner — after all, it is your dog that I will be taking care off, and it's good to know what necessities your dog may require.

If you want to meet me, please feel free to reach out to me! (Might take a few hours to reply as I'm not online 24/7)

Oh and by the way! I do speak Dutch but not at the full-fluency level, perhaps I can use my time to practice my Dutch as well!


  • Fietsen met de hond
  • Hardlopen met de hond
  • Wandelingen door het park
  • Wandelingen in het bos

Ervaring met hondenrassen

  • Alaskan Malamute
  • Duitse Herder
  • Labrador Retriever

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Beantwoorde berichten 100%
Gemiddelde reactietijd 1 dag
E-mailadres Geverifieerd
Lid sinds Februari 2019
Laatst bijgewerkt Februari 2019
Laatste keer ingelogd

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Samenvatting hondenoppas

Woonplaats Hondenoppas Amsterdam (1025)
Provincie Noord-Holland
Wijk Hondenoppas Amsterdam-Noord
Buurt Hondenoppas Amsterdam Buikslotermeer
Ervaring als hondenoppas 0 - 1 jaar
Heeft zelf honden Nee
Heeft zelf katten Nee
Heeft zelf kinderen Nee
Voorkeur oppaslocatie Geen voorkeur
Past op grote en kleine honden
Professionele hondenopvang Nee
Hondenuitlaatservice Nee
Leeftijd 24
Geslacht Man